eRecord in Pulaski County Arizona

Why E-File/eRecord in Pulaski County Arizona

Users can submit a wide range of Land Title documents online for recording purposes, from any location with internet access— office, home or portable device— without having to travel to county offices.

In the past, it was necessary to submit original signature and notary paper documents and pay a recording fee's by traveling to the recorder's office. With eRecording technology, you no longer have to travel to county offices, wait in line, and possibly, have your document fail to meet recording requirements and get rejected by the Recorder's office, the cost of a courier, and even USPS mail service is now obsolete!

eRecording in Pulaski County Arizona

How E-Recording In Pulaski County Arizona

Big Brother Reporting Systems™ receives the documents from you through a proprietary designed web based application that automates the creation of the document, scans for authorization, and validation of each document incorporating the latest in data imaging and internet security which utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology in transmission connecting individuals, small or large businesses with county government.


eRecord Pulaski County Arizona

Time Is Money, Start eRecording in Pulaski County Arizona

Pulaski County Arizona eRecording is a start-to-finish solution. Once the document submitted, reviewed by the Recorder's staff, recorded, endorsement and applicable recording fee's are electronically embedded into the recorded document, along with the recorder's digital signature, and returned to the submitter electronically as an officially recorded document within hours of submission. Please take note, that some county government take longer to review complex documents than others.

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